Lars Uunila and Polly Uunila are the principals of Polar Geoscience Ltd. They bring varied and complimenting backgrounds in environmental geoscience to the firm, as outlined below

Polly Uunila

Polly Uunila, P.Geo. is a geoscientist who specializes in the field of geomorphology – the investigation of landforms and the processes that shape them. Polly has trained and worked with some of the province’s preeminent geoscientists in her field and has earned a province-wide reputation for high quality air photo interpretation, surficial geology and natural hazards mapping.

Polly's professional experience spans over 25 years and includes terrain stability, bioterrain, aggregate potential and a variety of surficial geology mapping projects covering millions of hectares of land across the province.

Clients have relied on her specialized talents to identify:

  • surface materials and soils
  • natural hazards
  • gravel deposits
  • till deposits for use in earth-fill dams
  • fine textured lacustrine sediments for lining reservoirs and ponds
  • depth to bedrock
  • preferred locations for stormwater and sewage disposal
  • potential aquifer locations


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