Polar Geoscience Ltd. offers environmental consulting services to the forest sector across British Columbia and Alberta. Our staff has worked throughout coastal and interior forests and are highly experienced in providing the following services:

Forest Hydrology

  • Watershed assessments
  • Site-specific hydrologic assessments
  • Peak flow and low flow estimation
  • Assessment of mountain pine beetle impacts
  • Assessment of post-wildfire risks
  • Water management and drainage plans
  • Stream restoration design culvert sizing
  • Stream crossing assessment and design
  • Fish-passage assessment
  • Streamflow monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Snow surveys
  • Equivalent Clearcut Area (ECA) modeling

Terrain Stability and Natural Hazards

  • Terrain and terrain stability mapping
  • Natural hazard assessments
  • Gully and alluvial fan assessments
  • Landslide restoration
  • Flood and erosion mitigation
  • Erosion and sediment control planning and supervision

Forest and Watershed Management

  • Air photo analysis
  • Operational recommendations to minimize forestry impacts
  • Identification of aggregate sources
  • Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs)
  • Riparian assessment and restoration
  • Habitat restoration
  • Environmental monitoring during construction
  • Bioterrain (ecological) mapping
  • Third party quality assurance reviews

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